WhatsApp Status - 15 Seconds Problem Fix | 30 Seconds Status Trick

WhatsApp Status - 15 Seconds Problem Fix | 30 Seconds Status Trick

WhatsApp Status Trick - 15 Seconds Problem Fix | Upload 30 Seconds Status: Hi guys how are you?, We all know Guys WhatsApp, however, it reduced the status from 30 seconds to 15 seconds. For reducing Heavy traffic on the Service. Now if we want to set one-minute status, we have to cut it and put a video in 15 seconds.

This is a very risky and Time Taking process for us. If you have a WhatsApp status and you have to put it on WhatsApp status video, we can make it as the status of 30 seconds-30 seconds 2 clips. Now it would be too late to have a one minute video in the same 60 seconds as well as a very time-consuming process.

WhatsApp Status Trick - 15 Seconds Problem Fix | Upload 30 Seconds Status

    In this article, I will tell you how to get 60 seconds of WhatsApp status. But this video does not include any tricks using GB WhatsApp or FM WhatsApp or any third party WhatsApp apps. However, I didn't use any third-party apps in this process because through that third-party apps, there is a chance to hack our personal data also sometimes our WhatsApp Account gets Banned.

    So, Only I will tell you, how to add 60 Seconds or more than 60 seconds status in our Official WhatsApp in this article.

    So let's get started without wasting time.

    So Friends First of all you need to download an app from the play store. The application is WhatSagaso here is the link to the Whatsaga app from the Play Store

    Steps by Step Process to Put 30 Seconds Whatsapp Status:

    • So after opening this app click on, get started and grant all permissions for this app.
    • So friends after opening this app you can put WhatsApp status directly from here. 
    • Also, you can download other people WhatsApp status on your mobile directly from this Whatsaga app.
    • So if you want to put WhatsApp status, above here Click on the video status option.
    • when you click on that, This app will show you all the videos on your mobile.
    • After selecting the video you want to post in WhatsApp status.
    • So after selecting you to have the option to directly share on WhatsApp.
    • So you can click on that to WhatsApp directly.
    • When you click it you will click on My Status.

    That's all You Have Done Guys.

    So if you see here it is all one video but it is converted into 15 seconds each and it is a 60 seconds video.

    So if you look under it is split into 15 seconds clips.

    So you can just click on the post and thus, you can put any large video above 60 seconds on Whatsapp status.

    So if you open your WhatsApp status you can see your status.

    so this is the trick guys for long WhatsApp status I hope you like it.

    WhatsApp Status 15 Seconds Problem Fix Video:

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